Your Bitcoin Password and Your GIA Report – It’s All Money.

By Elisabeth Austin | 03/20/2018

Bitcoin Passwords on a piece of paper and GIA diamond report certificates have something in common. You want to keep…


New York and Palm Beach Get Lucky

By Eva A. Choiring | 02/07/2018

You pretty much have to frequent one or the other…or both in order to fully grasp the idea that fine…


Why Paris Hilton’s Engagement Ring is Noteworthy

By Elisabeth Austin | 01/08/2018

It’s a smaller story than it might have been 15 years ago, but the diamond itself is large enough to…


Prince Harry Engages Meghan (Cushion Cut Yellow Gold)

By Elisabeth Austin | 11/28/2017

Congratulations to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.  The year 2017 has been a year of game-changing initiatives. We think this…


From Russia with Love: (Big) November Auction

By Elisabeth Austin | 11/20/2017

Russians are excellent hosts. Amidst a light and enjoyable mingling, The ALROSA party last week showcased The Dynasty diamond collection,…


Serious Side-eye – Celebrity Jewelry Designers?

By Elisabeth Austin | 11/17/2017

Real questions brew for real thinkers around the “Designed by Celebrity” phenomenon we’re confronted with these days. Like weeds encroaching…


Getting Real – Should you buy Lab Grown?

By Elisabeth Austin | 11/17/2017

Dear Reader: I am asked “What are your thoughts?” regarding Lab Grown (CVD) diamonds as much as anyone. With 16…


We’re out to Launch

By Elisabeth Austin | 11/17/2017

What to name this destination that takes an uncommonly spirited approach to the business of serious luxury. And with a…


Video Feature

Absolutely Outrageous

Poison Ring in 22 karat 00:03

“KILLER QUEEN” Collecting vs. Waterboarding

By Elisabeth Austin | November 27, 2017

In this new facet of my life,  I’m going to be writing consistently about the real-ness of jewelry.  Value.  Meaning.  Societal implications.  Life-cycle.  A one-off bit of perspective follows here. Let’s call it “Framing”. It’s safe to say that nobody contemplates the gestalt of jewelry collecting quite like I do.  Of the thousands of collectors…