New York and Palm Beach Get Lucky

You pretty much have to frequent one or the other…or both in order to fully grasp the idea that fine jewelry savant Rebecca Koven has these rarified markets enraptured and spoiled.

This is not a long write-up, with the fluff and filler about a designer’s favorite moisturizer or what time he/she wakes up in the morning.

This is a heads up that:

1) The Palm Beach Jewelry, Art and Antique show is next week.  (“Pinkies out, Darling”.)
2) Florida sounds REALLY GOOD right now, and
3) Finding and visiting with Rebecca Koven’s jewelry at the show will take your collecting sensibilities from good to great.

Rebecca Koven is not “mass”, but is massively skilled with decades worth of creations now in private collections. Words alone won’t capture a genre hopping sensibility that seemingly never fails. She combines color and texture, history and culture into unimpugnable pieces of complex yet wearable distinction. (For my own investment consideration, wearability is paramount.) Also, these pieces whisper “I Have Stratospheric Aesthetic I.Q”. (Bonus!)

I can rephrase the above into “girlfriend” talk. You know those times when you browse yet another designer jewelry collection, it doesn’t look like rocket science and you might fret “So neat….I could probably do that. Why don’t I do that?” Happily, this angst doesn’t happen with Rebecca Koven pieces, because it’s so very obvious. I can’t do “that” and neither can you. Not even with an Angel Investor.

If you’re not in Florida for the show, then how to find all the glorious proof, my digitally savvy friends? Try these…. @RKoven on Instagram and Rebecca Koven on

In the meantime, collectors are abuzz about the introduction of this Scarselli Diamonds Collaboration with Rebecca’s craftsmanship in this amazing,  hand carved Chalcedony Flower Necklace hosting an incredible suite of Scarselli Fancy Intense Yellow diamonds.  See the video.  Those are matching earrings to make your life easy.

Honestly, at this level, being able to be a pure fan is delicious fresh air. I invite you to enjoy seeking out Rebecca Koven and Scarselli Diamonds, both on  (perchance to wear someday).