Rolling Smartly

Your Bitcoin Password and Your GIA Report – It’s All Money.

Bitcoin Passwords on a piece of paper and GIA diamond report certificates have something in common. You want to keep a hard copy somewhere safe. Cryptocurrency, while more volatile than your “hard” asset, is out there in the current conversation with the gut churning stories of an early investor in receipt of their password or…


“KILLER QUEEN” Collecting vs. Waterboarding

Poison Ring in 22 karat 00:03

In this new facet of my life,  I’m going to be writing consistently about the real-ness of jewelry.  Value.  Meaning.  Societal implications.  Life-cycle.  A one-off bit of perspective follows here. Let’s call it “Framing”. It’s safe to say that nobody contemplates the gestalt of jewelry collecting quite like I do.  Of the thousands of collectors…


Getting Real – Should you buy Lab Grown?

Dear Reader: I am asked “What are your thoughts?” regarding Lab Grown (CVD) diamonds as much as anyone. With 16 years in diamond cutting offices and a deserved reputation for being very vigilant with my own pennies (despite a “vicious jewelry habit”) I think I share your perspective on the important issues. But how to…