Prince Harry Engages Meghan (Cushion Cut Yellow Gold)

Congratulations to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.  The year 2017 has been a year of game-changing initiatives. We think this counts as one of them.

Heavens, if that girl didn’t overcome a mountain of rubble to find true love with her Prince. (A Prince with great taste. A two-fer !)

Our thoughts ? Of course it’s a Cushion Cut. Easily the most “Royal” of all diamonds from the beginning of time, the Cushion Cut diamond is so historically appropriate that it makes the classic Modern Round Brilliant diamond seem “nouveau riche” in comparison. (The Princess Cut has no place in this conversation).

Secondly, yellow gold has been making a comeback for quite a while among the “haves”.

Because you can’t get enough of a good cushion, and Meghan has already snagged the version with a Prince attached….here are some Cushion Cut Big Swinging Rocks to help you join in on the celebration.

But with great love we say….Go on, you crazy kids !!

Here now a selection of stunning cushion cut diamond rings in the U.S.


From Scarselli and available up to 30 carats !! (


5 Carat Classic Cushion Solitaire (


From Megan Thorne (


10 carat Antique Cut Cushion (


Six Carat Cushion MC2 Ring (


Antique Cut Cushion Diamond in 22kt and 18kt Yellow Gold (


Cover rendering courtesy of Ostasz Studio