We’re out to Launch

What to name this destination that takes an uncommonly spirited approach to the business of serious luxury. And with a spotlight on better jewelry in particular? Amidst an amazing decade of retail metamorphosis to digital innovation…. powerful jewelry endures.
Here’s what you you’ll get with us…..

1. Curated content from Founder-Editor Elisabeth Austin and friends. Elisabeth operates from the inside of the diamond cutting offices in New York City liaising between gem cutters, jewelers, designers and more……

2. Friends: Experts and Icons with the the insight you need and amazing things to show.

3. VIDEO – We know. It’s Gem Porn,…. and you’re welcome.

4. Things you felt might be true (We’ll confirm it for you).

5. Those things that might be bogus? (We have a series just for “side-eye”)

6. Power jewels you can actually wear. Investment jewels and buying advice..

7. How-to’s and support for negotiating the Diamond and Design industry (Sharing is Caring)

8. Female and Male Empowerment to buy and wear (in that order). Get your rocks on.

Sprinkle with a little music, a little retro-glam, a little “dish” and you have a website that swings from the heels to deliver hard information how you like it. Strap in !! EA

Want more? For additional real, behind the scenes life in the diamond cutting and design world and “fan fare ” opportunities, hook up with us on our Facebook page (here)