From Russia with Love: (Big) November Auction

Russians are excellent hosts. Amidst a light and enjoyable mingling, The ALROSA party last week showcased The Dynasty diamond collection, the focal point being the namesake diamond.   “The Dynasty” is the largest polished diamond with the best clarity characteristics in all of Russian jewelry history. A round brilliant-cut diamond, Triple Excellent, D, VVS1, it is the premier masterpiece of Russian polishers.

I scored an invitation for the delightful evening (and many delicious macarons) as my original intent was to report and show you some AMAZING video of each diamond.

Video is my thing. However in the days after the party last week, we never actually made that happen, although it looked promising. Nobody said “Nyet”. It was simply lost in translation.

A taste of all things Russian-inspired leading up to the Auction is still on the docket because I still have video. I have music. I have (a link to) the best coverage of the Dynasty Collection Auction (which takes place November 29), including “How to Bid”. The Auction is “silent” and potentially deadly to your wallet, depending. These are some serious diamonds.

Now to the good stuff:

Michelle Graff, Editor-in-Chief of National Jeweler, covers the Collection and the Auction exquisitely. Ms. Graff is, as usual, flawless in her coverage. Polish grade = Excellent. 

Before you settle in to crush that auction with your boss bids on these diamonds,

a prelude with this Russian-inspired warm-up:  American-Soviets by CCCP. “Clubbing” nostalgia….

Today is November 30, 2017.   You’re a winner?   (You’re a winner !!!)

I’m just guessing this is how you roll….(“my friends call me Tanya”)

From Russia with Love:

Cover Photo: Award winning jewelry designer, diamond painter, professor and general lady-boss Reena Ahluwalia holds the Dynasty Diamond, a 51.38-carat, D-Color diamond from ALROSA at the private viewing party in New York